Example: Cross-Chain Airdrop

Allow owners of an ERC721 on Ethereum to claim something on another chain.

This feature is in beta, so please fill out this form to get in touch with the Succinct team about using it.

We've built a simple example contract that allows users that own an ERC721 on mainnet to receive an airdrop such as a new NFT or other tokens on another chain (ex. Polygon). The contract reads ERC721.ownerOf(uint256) from mainnet to ensure that the wallet is the correct owner.

Since the _giveAirdrop function is abstract, you can add any logic you want for airdrop claimers. This base contract could be used to migrate an NFT to a new chain, give tokens to claimers, or otherwise provide additional utility to ERC721 tokens on mainnet.

Here's an example that gives 1 ETH to airdrop claimers.

contract SimpleNFTAirdrop is NFTAirdrop {
    constructor(address _nft, address _oracle)
        NFTAirdrop(_nft, _oracle)
        require(msg.value == 10 ether);

    function _giveAirdrop(address _to, uint256 _tokenId) internal override {
        (bool success, ) = payable(_to).call{value: 1 ether}("");

The full source code for the contracts used in this below can be found at the Github NFTAirdrop.sol example.

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