Getting Started

Develop applications with Telepathy and learn about the protocol.

Building with Telepathy

The core Telepathy innovation, a zkSNARK on-chain Ethereum light client, powers a few different methods of using the protocol.

Cross-Chain Messaging

Send arbitrary messages from a supported source chain (Ethereum Mainnet, Goerli testnet, Gnosis) and receive them on a destination chain by integrating your contract with the Telepathy Router. Telepathy cross-chain messaging is useful for making applications such as cross-chain governance and token-bridging.

Ethereum Data Oracle

Need to fetch some Ethereum data from another chain? Use the Telepathy Oracle to send a cross-chain query request, and handle this data as a callback in your smart contract on an different chain. This feature is in beta, so please fill out this form for prioritized support.

Ethereum Consensus Oracle

Get information about Mainnet consensus data, such as validator balances and slashings, within your smart contract by using the Telepathy Light Client and the Ethereum consensus oracle. This feature is in beta, so please fill out this form for prioritized support.

Protocol & Security

Gain a deeper understanding of the protocol and the underlying security implications. Gain a high-level overview of the system, and learn more about each of the individual component that make Telepathy work.

Ecosystem & Support

Have a question? We're here to help! Get in touch with the team at Succinct and other developers on the official Discord. Fill out the early partner form if you have a particular application in mind that uses Telepathy and you want prioritized support from the Succinct team.

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