Telepathy Explorer

Explore messages sent through Telepathy.

The Telepathy Explorer is a message explorer, showing the status of messages being sent through the Telepathy protocol. The explorer displays messages by the chain they were sent on, with the dropdown on the top-right allowing users to select the desired source chain.

The explorer shows the nonce, destination chain, and other information about the transactions being relayed. On the "Messages" tab, users can filter by various fields, including source and destination chain, sender and destination address, source address, and date.

Clicking on a message also reveals more information about the source and destination transaction, as well as links to respective block explorers.


There are 3 main message statuses on the Telepathy Explorer:

  1. Waiting for block to finalize

    After a transaction is sent, it still may be reorged out of the canonical chain. Ethereum consensus takes ~12 minutes to finalize blocks. Because we can only generate a proof of consensus for a finalized block, we must wait for the block that a message was sent in to finalize before we can relay the message across chains.

  2. Waiting for proof of consensus

    After a block is finalized, someone needs to generate a zero-knowledge "proof of consensus" that enough validators in the light client protocol have signed off on that block. Generally proof generation with our circuits takes 3-4 minutes, so the user must wait until this proof is generated so that the light client can be updated on the destination chain.

  3. Waiting for relayer

    Once the proof of consensus has been generated and the light client of the source chain has been updated on the target chain, a relayer must send a transaction to execute the sent message. The TelepathyRouter verifies certain Merkle proofs against the header contained in the light client to verify that the message was actually sent on the source chain. Additionally, we wait for the light client update to have been on-chain for at least 2 minutes before it can be "used" by the TelepathyRouter as an additional safety delay period. Generally this waiting period lasts 2-3 minutes, but can be longer if many messages have been sent recently.

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