Contract Addresses

The canonical list of Telepathy contract addresses across different chains.

Telepathy Router Addresses

There is one TelepathyRouter contract per chain.

Light Client Addresses

We currently have 3 source chains from which developers can send messages to the 8 destination chains listed above. Note that some chains are both a source and a destination.

As described in Overview, for each source chain, we run a light client for that chain in a smart contract on the destination chain. For example, we run a Ethereum mainnet light client on Polygon. Because of this, each destination chain has several LightClient contract deployments.

For a given source chain, all the destination chain LightClient addresses are the same and are listed below. For example, to examine the Mainnet light client on Polygon, we can look at the Polygon block explorer here.

Source ChainAddress







Access Controls: Guardian + Timelock

The Telepathy Router contracts are upgradeable with a 7-day timelock as noted in the Guardrails section. The Succinct Guardian Gnosis SAFE is the only proposer and executor on these timelock contracts.

We list the addresses of the timelock controllers on each chain that govern the Telepathy Router contract and the Guardian Gnosis SAFE addresses.

The signers of all of the Guardian Gnosis SAFEs are 4 members of the Succinct team with the Gnosis SAFE threshold being 3 out of 4.

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