Fee Payment

How to pay for requests to the Succinct cross-chain data oracle
Our SuccinctOracle contracts deployed currently on testnet do not require fee payment, as we are subsidizing the testnet fees. In the future, for using the SuccinctOracle on mainnet will require fee payment.
To reward validators in our network for running computations and attesting to the results, each request sent to our network has a fee of 0.003 ETH plus whatever gas is needed to cover the cost of a callback. This fee also helps cover our gas costs when we relay attestations to our StateQueryGateway contract for verification, as well as cover the cost of callbacks requested by the user.
Our fee system is optimized for simplicity and should be very simple to integrate with.

FeeVault Contract

Our FeeVault contract is very simple. It maintains a mapping of address to balance. To top-up your balance, simply use either of the following functions in our FeeVault contract:
function depositNative(address _account) external payable
This payment will credit _account with +msg.value balance, where _account should match up with the contract address that you are sending requests from. For every request that our network processes, 0.003 ETH plus the cost of callback will be deducted from your account balance.
If you wish to pay in another token, such as USDC, you can use the following function in our FeeVault contract, where _token is the address of an ERC20 that we support. If you wish to use this option, please reach out to our team as we must set up our accounting on our backend for this option.
function deposit(address _account, address _token, uint256 _amount) external

Callback Costs

If you sent a request to our system with a desired callback, the gas costs of the callback will be deducted from the account corresponding to the address of the callback. In the case that the balance of the callback address is not sufficient to cover the cost of a callback, then we will not relay the attestation of the request corresponding to the callback.
Fee Repayment
If you overpay for gas costs for requests, we can refund you the excess gas from your account--reach out to us if needed.

Off-chain requests & off-chain payments

If you submit an off-chain request without a callback, there is no associated address for our on-chain gas system to debit from. In these cases, we accept an off-chain payment system to process these requests. Reach out to us if you're interested in this.

Off-chain payments

If you wish to manage your payments entirely off-chain, then we are happy to accommodate this and can discuss an off-chain payment system. Reach out to us for this option.