Cross-chain state queries
As L1 gas has gotten more expensive, there has been an explosion in the number of rollups. More complex and interesting protocol development has moved to L2s. However, L2 dApp developers often need to access L1 information in their L2s smart contract, or vice-versa.
Example use-cases include:
  • Reading Chainlink L1 data on L2 for DeFi protocols
  • Conducting voting on L2, weighted by balanceOf an ERC-20 on L1
  • Perp protocols on L2 with price oracles from L1 AMM pools (i.e., Uniswap TWAP)
  • Claiming rewards on L2, gated by L1 ERC-721 ownership
Succinct state queries allows dapp developers to request arbitrary view function data from any L1 or L2 and have that information available on any chain.
Compared with other oracle solutions like Chainlink, Succinct state queries optimize for flexibility, latency and low gas costs.
A quick tl;dr of how our state query protocol works: we use a network of attestors to attest to the results of state queries. These attestors can be thought of as nodes in a (very lightweight) attestation network and we require at least 2/3 of attestors to come to consensus and sign the result of a query. Find out more about the protocol architecture and future plans here:Succinct Attestation Network.
This product is in beta, so reach out to [email protected] if you're interested in using it.